Falling Slowly

Soundtrack to the post is Faling Slowly – Once the musical

So its been a while since I last posted.

I fell out with Kenneth when I found out he was coming to Glasgow but didn’t have time to see me… wtf?

I was so hurt seeing as I was missing him so much and he obviously wasn’t bothered.  I think since he’d gone back to London at Christmas time, that girl he was seeing was waiting for him and I became a distant memory.  Cause she’s there and I’m not.  He said he had to make a decision and I think he made it but just didn’t tell me… nice.  So I messaged him saying I felt hurt that he didn’t want to see me and everything he’d said at Christmas must have just been cause he was drunk and wanted to sleep with me, he messaged back saying he did want to see me, he couldn’t help being busy and he wasn’t drunk, I was drunk.  I didn’t reply.  That was on January 16th.

I was really low and upset but even though it was hard, I didn’t message him.  I’ve learned in life if someone doesn’t want to be with you its best just to let them go.  I thought about him every day, and at night I would picture him with his new gf and it would make me feel sick.  I am a believer in fate though, what’s for you won’t go by you and all that.  So on I went, as a single 29 year old mum with a wee girl, a cat and no money.  My cousin who is also my best friend is getting married soon and I’m her maid of honour which is lovely but its meant that in amongst trying to get over Kenneth I have been helping her plan her wedding and have been told by so many people, ‘Oh Im sure you’ll meet someone, your day will come!’ Could they be any more patronising, seriously?!


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