My first post

Well, the unimaginative title says it all really, this is my first post, like ever. I have no idea where to start…. I wanted to write this blog for myself, to get my thoughts and feelings out. As I’m getting older, my previously single friends have one by one all settled down and are no longer available for talking on the phone each night for hours and sorting out each other’s lives. So I often find myself talking to my cat. There is no end goal to this blog and I’m not writing it for others, but if you wish to read please do. I’m not planning on it being in any sort of order, I will write about what I’m thinking about at the time and go from the present, to events that happened in the past as my mood takes me. Everything I write will be true, but the names will be changed. So grab a cuppa, get comfy and get ready for a uncensored insight into my life.


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